Thursday, March 18, 2010

"70 times 7"

A competition held by a local computer graphic society (formally ~ now It was a 2d challenge & the theme was 'Winds of change' My matte painting took home first prize~ an Intuos 3 wacom tablet!!! (yay!)

I was asked to write a synopsis for this piece for a mag so I will cheat with a CTRL C, CTRL V - "Africa is on an epic journey, releasing herself from her tumultuous past & transcending into her illuminated, yet uncertain future. I didn't consciously intend the multivalent allegory to this piece as I believe one should 'play' with a concept first & then on completion try to understand the act of creativity/ analyse the result but when one links the biblical reference to the 7 cattle perhaps the deeper meaning was a part of the artists' subconscious intentions. (Matthew 18:21-22 refers to how much one should forgive- "...70 times 7") It gives Africa a way forward -forgiveness."

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